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Keeping Austin Gorgeous from the Inside-Out

Q&A with Texas Spirit and Miss Austin 2011, Monique Evans 
Congratulations are in order for our very own Texas Spirit Monique Evans! She currently holds the reigning title of Miss Austin as she competed in the Miss Texas 2011 Pageant earlier this month. This was Monique’s first pageant and she placed 8th in the Top 10! 
Who is this gorgeous girl you ask?  Monique was born in Laguna Beach, California and is a Sophomore Biology/Pre-Med major. She is a Fall’10 weenie with impeccable posture, a talent for ballet, and most importantly, a gracious heart.  Take a look…

Monique: The Pageant Princess
How did you get started in pageants?
This is my first year competing in pageants. I started because I saw a video of Katie Stam, Miss America 2009. She embodied such a well-rounded woman... she is beautiful, talented, smart, and personable. So I decided to give it a try so that someday I could have those qualities.

As Miss Austin, what types of things have you gotten to do?
I have been able to help raise money for the American Heart Association, I was an "Official Hugger" at the Special Olympics, and I have had the opportunity to visit the Dell Children's Hospital and spend time with the children.

What was your most memorable moment from the Miss Texas Pageant?
When I went to the Dell Children's Hospital I had a really special connection with Syese, a very special 5-year-old leukemia patient. She is amazing. At the hospital Syese was dancing and singing, she is so full of life! She was so generous to the other children too. When I got home I told my dad about her. My family thought that it would be really special if she could come to the pageant. So my parents bought tickets and hotel rooms and I got her a really really cute white dress and shoes. Then, my director talked to some people with the Miss Texas Pageant so she could have one of the Lone Star Princess Crowns (because every little girl wants to be a princess! Next, they thought it would be amazing if she was crowned on stage by Miss Texas and Miss Teen Texas as the Miracle Princess! It was the most magical moment. There was not a dry eye in the audience. Syese got her moment that she so rightfully deserved…She is very special to me and all who meet her.

As you prep for strutting on stage, what is going through your head?
Before the pageant I get both nervous and excited. I also think about what I need to do on stage. But once I am on stage all of those things disappear. I just have fun. I enjoy playing off the energy of the audience and the judges.

What awards did you win during the pageant?
-8th Place Award

-Alpha Preliminary Swimwear Award
-Alpha High Swimwear Award
-Alpha Preliminary Talent Award
-Preliminary Talent Award
-Alpha High Evening Gown Award

Monique: The Compassionate Caregiver
What is your life mantra?
Carpe Diem…Seize the Day
Who inspires you?
Audrey Hepburn, she is an amazing woman. When she was younger she wanted to be a prima ballerina but her dreams were changed after the Nazi occupation of Holland. She then started acting and was an incredible actress. However, what I admire most about Audrey is that at the top of her career she left the movie industry to work for UNICEF in Africa. She wanted to help the children that were starving, just as others had helped her when she was younger.
What are your life goals?
My life goals would be to graduate from UT and go on to medical school. After school, I want to open an alternative and preventative medical practice. Also, I would absolutely love to have a very loving and close family, like my parents.
What philanthropy did you represent during the Miss Texas Pageant?
Healthy Habits for a Stronger Heart…I am the spokeswoman for the American Heart Association and Go Red for Women in Austin. Both my father and brother are survivors of Heart Disease, so my platform is really special to me.

Monique: The Real Girl

Ultimate Austin Hotspot: The Yogurt Stop…but I am sad that it closed. I love Fro-Yo!

Dating Deal Breaker: Dishonesty 

Favorite Texas Spirit Tradition: I love wearing my burnt orange scarf with all my friends

Last song playing on your iPod: Breathe (2 AM) by Anna Nalick

Best Beauty Tip: Kindness. I know that is a unique tip, but it really is true. You can have a stunningly beautiful woman before you, but if she is not beautiful inside, then it can’t show through. A smile goes a long way.

Celebrity Crush: I think Bradley Cooper is really cute, but I feel Chris O'Dowd in Bridesmaids had a really sweet personality.

If you could be any shoe, what shoe would you be? A ballet point shoe because I love to dance! I take classes from Ballet Austin about 3 times a week. I could never stop dancing... it keeps me sane. )
We are so proud of you, Monique! Keeping Austin Gorgeous both inside and out!
For more updates on what Monique is up to as Miss Austin 2011, check out her blog!

Michelle Sereno 

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